Afzal Rahman, Policy Researcher - Families, Welfare and Work team

New Citizens Advice research on the health and disability gap

Lizzie Greenhalgh, Policy Researcher

We look at the GP patient survey data to explore patient engagement with online GP services.

Lizzie Greenhalgh, Policy Researcher

Confusing and complex GP registration processes can lead to people ending up in the wrong parts of the health system

Kathleen Caper, former Senior Policy Researcher

The NHS needs to save £22B by 2020. Almost £400 mil is spent on GPs dealing with non-health patient issues. Can better ways to meet this demand add to savings?

Tony Woods, Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group Head of Strategy and Outcomes

Our research and other available evidence demonstrate there are clear and strong links between health and other types of problems people face. The good news is, advice makes a difference. The solutions we offer our clients can have wider positive outcomes for people’s health.

Emily Jeffrey, former Senior Campaigns Officer

Our own research shows that more than four out of every five (81 per cent) of our clients felt less stressed, depressed or anxious after receiving advice from us, whilst just short of half (45 per cent) felt their physical health had improved, following advice.