Xanthe Couture, Policy Manager Post and Telecoms

Helping consumers understand their rights when shopping online and sending gifts and post this Christmas.

Sue Russell, Consumer Strategy Manager

We look at the Consumer Rights Act, which comes into force today, and what it means for shoppers.

Liz Coll, Policy Manager

How can consumers buying products from foreign markets be confident of getting refunds, delivery and redress if things go wrong?  Even in the single market of the European Union (EU), consumers remain far less confident about buying online goods and services from sellers in other EU countries as opposed to domestically.  This then impacts on…

Xanthe Couture, Policy Manager Post and Telecoms

Twenty years ago the first online transaction took place, forever changing the way we shop today. UK shoppers have embraced online shopping like digital ‘ducks to water’. Consumers in the UK are more likely to shop online than those in any other European Union country, and in 2012 the Office of Communications, Ofcom reported that…