Afzal Rahman, Policy Researcher - Families, Welfare and Work team

New Citizens Advice research on the health and disability gap

Beth Foley, Senior Policy Researcher

New Citizens Advice evidence on changes to the benefit system for people in work

Tom MacInnes, Head of Data Analysis

Around 1.6m people in the UK are in temporary work. Is the nature of temping changing?

Steven Law, Policy Researcher

New Citizens Advice analysis highlighting the significance of income and employment insecurity in the labour market

Tom MacInnes, Head of Data Analysis

The government is committed to reducing the disability employment gap – but differences by age, geography and qualification show that disabled people face a double disadvantage

Tom MacInnes, Head of Data Analysis

The number of people working as part time self employed has risen sharply in recent years – what’s behind this rise?

Kayley Hignell, Head of policy: Families, Welfare and Work

Tax Credits cuts will leave some families worse off my over a £1000 a year. Here Rachel, who claims Tax Credits, tells us how this will affect her family.

Hugh Stickland, Chief Economist

Our analysis covering four years of change on the issues that people need help, support and advice with through Citizens Advice.

Self-employment diaries

Thomas Brooks, Policy Researcher

We’ve been collecting diary entries from a group of self-employed people – ranging from cleaners and therapists to electricians and company directors – to better understand what self-employment is like. This is the first piece in a series of research projects we’re undertaking on self-employment.

Emily Jeffrey, former Senior Campaigns Officer

Our own research shows that more than four out of every five (81 per cent) of our clients felt less stressed, depressed or anxious after receiving advice from us, whilst just short of half (45 per cent) felt their physical health had improved, following advice.