Take action against energy saving scams

Andrew Regan, Energy Policy Manager

Saving money on energy bills is a hot topic and sadly scammers are taking advantage of this. Citizens Advice Cymru has found that fraudsters are targeting hundreds of people in Wales with bogus energy saving deals.

It could be a knock on your door or a cold call to promise free boilers, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation or other measures. They then ask for a fee upfront to do an assessment before disappearing with your cash. The problem is that there are genuine schemes out there that offer all these things. So how can you avoid being scammed?

Don’t wait to be cold-called

Don’t wait to be cold-called by someone you aren’t sure is genuine! By contacting your supplier, or Nest (if you’re in Wales), you know you’re going to a trusted source, and you could start saving money on your energy bills sooner.

Check it’s legitimate

If someone does cold call you, take advice from the Citizens Advice consumer helpline or adviceguide before agreeing to anything. To check if a firm is an approved Green Deal provider visit the Department for Energy and Climate Change website.

If you feel pressured, just say no. Any legitimate provider should be happy to give you time to check them out and make your mind up before signing. Eligibility for ECO, Green Deal or Nest schemes is based on your personal circumstances, not on what a salesperson tells you. So you won’t miss out if you don’t sign up straight away.

What help is available?

There are two main ways people in Wales can request free financial help with energy saving.

1) The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) means larger energy suppliers must spend money on helping households with energy saving. They usually create free insulation offers for householders. Contact your current supplier to see if you qualify – the number will be on your last bill.

2) Nest is a Welsh Government funded programme to help people in Wales on low incomes get energy saving measures installed. Even if you’re not eligible for an in-home assessment from Nest, they can tell you about other options. You can call them for free on 0808 808 22 44, or visit their website. . The Welsh Government also delivers a scheme called Arbed, but this is just for people in certain areas.

You won’t have to pay an upfront fee for a Nest or ECO assessment.

The UK Government has introduced the Green Deal, which is a loan, not a grant. You pay it off through your energy bills, based on the saving you’ll make. You may have to pay an upfront fee for a Green Deal assessment. If you’re eligible, you can choose who does the work from a list of approved Green Deal providers. It doesn’t have to be the company that did your assessment.

For more on energy scams in Wales, email  Cymru@citizensadvice.org.uk


Gweithredu yn erbyn sgamiau arbed ynni

Mae arbed arian ar filiau ynni yn bwnc llosg ar hyn o bryd ac yn anffodus mae sgamwyr yn manteisio ar hyn. Mae Cyngor ar Bopeth wedi darganfod bod twyllwyr yn targedu cannoedd o bobl yng Nghymru gyda chynigion arbed ynni ffug.

Gallai fod yn gnoc ar eich drws neu alwad diwahoddiad yn addo boeleri am ddim, inswleiddio croglofftydd, inswleiddio waliau ceudod neu fesurau eraill. Yna, maen nhw’n yn gofyn am ffi ymlaen llaw i wneud asesiad cyn diflannu gyda’ch arian. Y broblem yw bod cynlluniau go iawn ar gael sy’n cynnig yr holl bethau hyn. Felly, sut gallwch chi osgoi cael eich twyllo?

Peidiwch ag aros i gael galwad diwahoddiad

Peidiwch ag aros i gael galwad diwahoddiad gan rywun a allai’ch twyllo! Drwy gysylltu â’ch cyflenwr, neu Nyth (os ydych chi yng Nghymru), rydych chi’n gwybod eich bod yn troi at ffynhonnell y gellir ymddiried ynddi, a gallwch ddechrau arbed arian ar eich biliau ynni yn gynt.

Gwnewch yn siŵr ei fod yn gyfreithlon

Os oes rhywun yn galw’n ddiwahoddiad, ffoniwch llinell gymorth defnyddwyr Cyngor ar Bopeth neu ewch i adviceguide am gyngor cyn cytuno i unrhyw beth. I wirio a yw cwmni yn ddarparwr Bargen Werdd wedi’i gymeradwyo, ewch i wefan yr Adran Ynni a Newid Hinsawdd.

Os ydych chi’n teimlo dan bwysau, yna dywedwch na. Dylai unrhyw ddarparwr cyfreithlon fod yn fodlon rhoi amser i chi gadarnhau eu bod yn ddarparwyr go iawn ac amser i feddwl cyn ymuno. Bydd eich cymhwysedd i fanteisio ar y cynlluniau Rhwymedigaeth Cwmni Ynni, y Fargen Werdd a Nyth yn seiliedig ar eich amgylchiadau personol, nid ar eiriau’r gwerthwr. Felly, fyddwch chi ddim ar eich colled os nad ydych chi’n ymuno ar unwaith.

Pa gymorth sydd ar gael?

Mae dwy ffordd y gall pobl yng Nghymru ofyn am gymorth ariannol am ddim i arbed ynni.

Mae’r Rhwymedigaeth Cwmni Ynni yn golygu bod yn rhaid i gyflenwyr ynni mwy wario arian ar helpu aelwydydd i arbed ynni. Fel arfer, maen nhw’n creu cynigion inswleiddio am ddim i breswylwyr. Cysylltwch â’ch cyflenwr presennol i weld a ydych chi’n gymwys – bydd y rhif ar eich bil diwethaf.

Rhaglen a gyllidir gan Lywodraeth Cymru yw Nyth sy’n helpu pobl yng Nghymru ar incwm isel i fanteisio ar fesurau arbed ynni. Hyd yn oed os nad ydych chi’n gymwys am asesiad yn eich cartref gan Nyth, gallant egluro opsiynau eraill i chi. Gallwch eu ffonio am ddim ar 0808 808 22 44, neu ewch i’w gwefan. Mae Llywodraeth Cymru hefyd yn darparu cynllun o’r enw Arbed, ond mae ar gyfer pobl mewn ardaloedd penodol yn unig.

Ni fydd yn rhaid i chi dalu ceiniog ymlaen llaw am asesiad Nyth neu’r Rhwymedigaeth Cwmni Ynni.

Mae Llywodraeth y DU wedi cyflwyno’r Fargen Werdd, sy’n fenthyciad, nid grant. Byddwch yn ei ad-dalu drwy’ch biliau ynni, ar sail yr arbedion y byddwch yn eu gwneud.

Efallai y bydd yn rhaid i chi dalu ffi ymlaen llaw am asesiad y Fargen Werdd. Os ydych chi’n gymwys, gallwch ddewis pwy sy’n gwneud y gwaith o restr o ddarparwyr Bargen Werdd wedi’u cymeradwyo. Does dim rhaid iddo fod y cwmni a wnaeth eich asesiad.

Am ragor o wybodaeth am sgamiau ynni, e-bostiwch Cymru@citizensadvice.org.uk


  1. Stephen Pain

    Southern Energy Solutions installed cavity wall insulation at our house in June 2013 (after their representative called unsolicited at houses in our road…) and we now have significant damp problems. Even more worrying is that I cannot contact them. Neither phone number on their website works and they do not rend to emails. Can you advise me…? Many thanks

    Stephen and Joanna Pain.

  2. Andrew jackson

    Hi Julia, I’ve had EGS a lad called Dominic, around as well he was very informed and knew his stuff, and having looked up everything the lad said to me I think I’m going to go ahead. It does seem legit and the glass they are going to put in checks out and will save me money on my bills and help save the environment as Dominic said.

    Hope his helps.

  3. mrs julia hick

    Can you tell me whether ECO Green Save of Leeds are legitimate as they have said we could have a 46% reduction towards a grant for windows . From £4,000 to £2600 to replace glass in certains rooms with eco friendly glass pilkingtons glass. They have only been going for just over a year by an asian gentelman email is ecogreensave@gmail.com 08009961135. They have given us an efficiency survey, the man who called was adam briggs his number is 07736375179 thank you

    Mrs Julia Hick
    0113 2931849

    1. Jean

      Hello Julie,

      I have had a visit from Eco Green Save offering me 50% off replacement units.
      Their representative was named Brian and very charming, although that doesn’t
      mean it wasn’t a scam!

      I found their estimate for 8 Windows even after the 50% Discount very expensive
      and I had a call from their supplier and fitter from Morley within 24 hours, seemingly Eco Green Save only do the selling.

      I am a pensioner living on a low income.
      My heating costs are very high, and I am developing very painful arthritis which
      means I have to keep warm.
      I have been promised my heating bills will be drastically reduced.
      So we will see.

    2. david thomas

      Just had a visit from Eco Green save- not impressed. Prices quoted for doors very high. When asked whether there are grants available for doors (something my wife was assured were on the phone) he said yes but we’d have to pay them back over time. We said- but that’s a loan? and he said “loan, grant whatever” and when I said -no, it’s not whatever, he got angry, said he wasn’t here to argue and stomped of in a huff. Looking at the website, it contains very little information and no address (a bad sign).

  4. Peter Broad

    Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for your question. Sorry this is a bit of a long-winded response.

    Southern Energy Solutions are a registered Green Deal company and able to do work under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund – the scheme that provides vouchers towards external cladding.

    According to the terms and conditions of the Fund, firms should not claim a voucher for a property without the permission of a householder. From what you say, it doesn’t sound like a voucher has been claimed for your property.

    As you note, the scheme has now closed to new applications for external cladding. Each time the scheme has opened it has closed quickly due to high demand, which has caused a problem for some consumers and businesses wanting to get work done.

    The scheme may open again in future if the Government extends the funding, however the Government has not set out what its plans are. Details of the scheme can be found on the Gov.uk website: https://www.gov.uk/green-deal-energy-saving-measures/get-money-back-from-the-green-deal-home-improvement-fund.

    As with all work on your property, we recommend getting quotes from three companies before getting any work done and not paying for work upfront.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions,

    Peter (Citizens Advice Energy Team)

  5. Wendy Gadd

    Southern Energy Solutions cold called to quote for external cladding. A couple of weeks later they say they have a voucher from Green Deal and want the whole amount before starting the work. Green Deal say a voucher has not been issued for this address and that the funding for external cladding is now closed. Is this a scam?

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