Hamse Yusuf, Policy Research Intern, Consumer and Public Services

Since the FCA stepped in to regulate payday loans, an increasing number of people have been turning to rent to own shops and getting into problem debt as a result. Our new research looks into what is causing those problems. What is rent to own? Rent to own companies sell household electronic items through expensive…

Joe Lane, Policy Researcher

Unmanageable debt has an impact on beyond financial strain. It is closely related to poor mental health and can affect people’s attitudes, outlook, and behaviour.

Katherine Vaughan, Policy Researcher

If domestic abuse victims are going to receive the help they need, it’s vital service providers understand how domestic abuse relates to other problems

Joe Eddison, Partnership Intelligence Researcher

Tighter firm regulation is driving up lending standards, causing firms to adapt or leave, resulting in fewer issues for payday loan customers.

Howard Gannaway, NIACE - The national voice for LifeLong Learning

Part of the series ‘What’s the future of financial capability?’ – Howard Gannaway from the national organisation for lifelong learning (NIACE) on the new UK strategy.

Joe Lane, Policy Researcher

Research which broadens the concept of the ‘advice gap’ to highlight four advice gaps which cause people to miss out on the benefits of advice.

Joe Lane, Policy Researcher

This year marks a turning point in the story of debt in the UK. Since the financial crisis public policy debate has been dominated by discussion about government debt and the budget deficit. At the same time household debt, as a proportion of income, has been falling. New research from Citizens Advice shows that trend…

Pippa Lane, Senior Policy Researcher

Citizens Advice has seen a shift in the kind of debt people have now compared to five years ago.

Joe Lane, Policy Researcher

Guarantor loans are causing growing numbers of problems. Regulators need to step in to stop them becoming the next payday loans.

Satdeep Grewal, Impact Evaluation Analyst

Measuring financial capability: what actually improves people’s money management skills? A blog post from our Impact Team as part of #financialskills week.