Kate Ashman, Project Manager at Manchester Citizens Advice

Manchester Citizens Advice’s experiences of designing and piloting a service to support people living in cold homes

Jake Beavan, Senior Policy Researcher

An increasing reliance on digital technology in our daily lives is taking us into uncharted territory – both in how our services are provided and who has access to information about us. As we click our way through our lives – shopping, banking, socialising – we leave a trail of information about our preferences and…

Zoe Guijarro, Policy Manager (Renewable Heat & Community Energy)

In April Citizens Advice joined forces with the think tank IPPR to hold an event discussing the potential benefits and opportunities for communities interested in generating their own energy. It was an opportunity for practitioners to share their experiences, highlight the challenges that recent changes in policy have brought and identify solutions to take community…

Naomi Grayburn, Policy Researcher

Last month, the Competition and Markets Authority published its final proposals to fix the broken energy market. Among the proposals was the introduction of a safeguard tariff for the four million households with a prepayment meter (PPM). PPM customers pay more and get less choice and an inferior service. They are also more likely to…

Daniel Walker-Nolan, Policy Manager Energy Retail

Over the next few  years, energy suppliers will be coordinating an unprecedented effort to install 53 million gas and electricity smart meters in homes across Great Britain. The new technology is expected to revolutionise the way we think about, use and pay for our energy. One of the most widely advertised benefits of smart meters…

William Baker, Head of Fuel Poverty Policy

“Over its lifetime, the NHS has become an effective service for the treatment of illness. If it is to remain successful for another 60 years, it will need a cultural change towards the prevention of poor health” (NHS Future Forum, 2016, The NHS’s role in the public’s health). We often hear about the pressure on…

Richard Hall, Director of Strategic Infrastructure

The CMA published proposals to fix the broken retail energy market on 10 March. This blog looks at some of its key proposals – and what is missing.

Zoe Guijarro, Policy Manager (Renewable Heat & Community Energy)

Information request on district heat networks shows that more needs to be done to inform and protect consumers that rely on these networks to heat their homes.

Simon Moore, Policy Manager - Strategic Infrastructure

Earlier this month, Citizens Advice published a report, Generating Value?, looking at the impacts on consumers of clean energy policy.

Simon Moore, Policy Manager - Strategic Infrastructure

The Conservative Party Manifesto promised that should the party be put in government, it would “end any new subsidy for [onshore wind farms] and change the law so that local people have the final say on windfarm applications”.