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We’re asking for you to share your experiences of the ESA system on our fit for work blog.


Here at Citizens Advice we think that a system designed to determine if you can access support when you are unfortunate enough to get ill or injured needs to be Fit for work itself – and we don’t think that employment and support allowance (ESA), the benefit offered to people who are unable to work due to illness or disability, is fit for this purpose.

We’ve launched a national campaign to call for change on three key issues:

  • how medical evidence is sourced to support claims
  • how claimants are supported financially during the application process
  • how the quality of the Work Capability Assessment itself is monitored

We’d like to hear from everyone who has experienced ESA – including claimants or their friends and family, Citizens Advice Bureau advisers, JobCentre Plus staff and medical professionals. You all have valuable things to say about the problems you see in the system. We’ve created this blog to bring together these stories, and offer you the chance to have your say.

We need you all to get involved! 

You can share your story about anything related to ESA in the box below. You could also tweet your story, using the hashtag #FitforWork, or share it on our Facebook timeline. If you’re looking for ideas, we would like to know:

  • what you experienced – did you have problems with your ESA claim, or receive confusing information when supporting a claimant?
  • when your experiences relate to – are they current or past? Have you noticed any changes in how the system works for you?
  • how your experiences impacted upon you – do regular requests for medical evidence hinder you from providing medical support to others, or did you find yourself unable to meet living costs while you waited for a decision on your case?
  • what you think caused the problems
  • how you think your experiences could have been improved

If you need advice about anything related to ESA, you should always speak to an adviser at your local Citizens Advice Bureau or head to the relevant section of our website.

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  1. marie

    Hi my name Marie i’ve had my assement which i failed for my ESA i am going to my appeal, which i don’t have anyone to help me.

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