Barry Macleod-Cullinane, Local Government Officer

Scams Awareness Month always proves to be one of the most high profile and popular campaigns that Citizens Advice runs annually. This July, Scams Awareness Month again has highlighted the harm done by scammers, what people can do to protect themselves and how to report scams. Yet, even as 2016’s Scams Awareness Month draws to…

Liz Coll, Policy Manager

Fairness and flexibility in personal data: consumers tell us what they want A new report out today puts forward new approaches and practical solutions for developing a fairer and more responsive data ecosystem.  Drawing directly from newly commissioned qualitative research with consumers, it looks at how they would like their data to be handled and managed,…

Marzena Lipman, Policy Manager

Our new research shows that despite big efforts to improve complaints handling in the public and private sector, people are still unhappy and only 47% overall are satisfied with the final outcome of their complaint. People are particularly unhappy about complexity of the complaint process, long response times and poor understanding of the issue by…

Beth Foley, Senior Policy Researcher

New Citizens Advice evidence on changes to the benefit system for people in work

Louise Baxter, Manager of the National Trading Standards Scams Team

Fighting scams and making friends Fighting scams and trying to help the people who are affected by scams is a personal battle of mine. The support for this issue has grown so much in the last three years; it feels like an avalanche – albeit a welcome one.   How do postal scams work? One…

Katy O’Malley, Senior Policy Researcher

Our analysis shows that almost one in ten households falls behind with an essential household bill over a twelve month period. People who claim benefits have low incomes, so it’s not surprising that 70% of those who are behind with a bill payment claim means-tested benefits. Since 2010 the welfare system has undergone significant reform….

Daniel VandenBurg, Consumer Intelligence Analyst

Online shopping has become more popular over the past few years. In April 2016 alone, UK consumers spent £12.6 billion online  using credit and debit cards. Although very convenient it is not without risks – online fraud in the UK totalled £261.5 million in 2015. Earlier this year Citizens Advice  published “Locked in” on one…

Laura Jamieson, Policy Improvement Manager of COSLA

To mark telephone scams week – part of Scams Awareness Month – Laura Jamieson policy and improvement manager at Trading Standards Scotland writes here on the type of phone scams that people can encounter and what to do about them

Adrian Galvin, Campaigns Officer

To mark the start of Scams Awareness Month, an annual consumer campaign led by Citizens Advice, trading standards and other partners, Adrian Galvin, Campaigns Officer at Citizens Advice, highlights the importance consumers listening to their gut feeling.

Jake Beavan, Senior Policy Researcher

An increasing reliance on digital technology in our daily lives is taking us into uncharted territory – both in how our services are provided and who has access to information about us. As we click our way through our lives – shopping, banking, socialising – we leave a trail of information about our preferences and…